Currently under construction for display in the Former Newington Library in July 2018, 1:1250 will be a scale model of a maze developed from local sewer data.


Archbishop's Park

Client: Lambeth Council
Date: April 2017

Carvings for seating in Archbishop's Park illustrating some of the different flowers grown by volunteers in the park.


Interactive Installation

Client: Art in Action
Date: July 2016

Fun, interactive installation that engaged all ages on their entry to Art in Action's art fair.  Made up of frames that visitors wove coloured strings into so that the figures filled up over the course of the fair.
This installation was made entirely from compostable materials.



Client: Allied World
Date: October 2015 - October 2016

Sculpture for the Allied World's London offices consisting of decorated ceramic tiles and boxes scattered across a podium to represent networks around the world.